Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is all about giving You a NEW START!

The human body is governed by laws of health – as real as the laws of physics. Science has discovered that incorporating these laws or principles of health into our lifestyle, like any well-cared-for machine, will enable us to experience optimal performance. These principles can be broken down into eight subheadings which, if followed in a balanced way combine to give you a NEW START to achieving health and well-being.



A simple yet nutritious diet consisting of whole plant foods unprocessed and unrefined can help reduce the incidence many of the diseases that plague our society. For any machine to work efficiently it needs the right kind of fuel; our bodies are no exception. Food as well as being good for you, must also taste great and be simple to prepare.



Our bodies are made to move. While the rewards are amazing, it can be a challenge to fit into our busy lifestyles. Exercise in one of its many forms, when done on a regular basis contributes to improved circulation, reduces stress, improve a sense of well-being, and burns off excess calories.



Pure water has incredible healing power. Internally, water helps to flush out wastes and toxins which promote healthy body functions. Externally, hydrotherapy is excellent to encourage healing through assisting with better circulation, relaxation, pain relief and boosting the immune system.



The warming rays of the sun help make you feel good by producing natural “feel good” hormones. When the UV light touches your skin it starts the formation of Vitamin D which helps the body absorb calcium for strong healthy bones, makes weight loss easier, lowers the risk of certain cancers and improves immunity and mental outlook.



Temperance is an older styled word meaning “self-control”. This means the moderate use of that which is healthy – for instance sunshine, and avoiding those things which can be harmful to optimal body function.



There’s nothing like the feeling that comes from an abundance of fresh air. Good posture and deep breathing assist the air into the lungs where it can be transported into the bloodstream to supply essential elements for good health.



Quality sleep means your body will heal faster and promotes tissue repair to feel rejuvenated and boosts your immune system. Taking time out each week and for holidays helps to give your mind and body a much needed recharge.



Our core values and perspectives on health are Christian in nature, while respecting people of all beliefs, so that all feel welcome. We believe that having spiritual, social and mental health can help people reach optimal physical health.

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